If we want to get rid of it we must know the saftey rules or how to be safe from corona virus. But first things first we have to know about the symptoms of corona virus!

Let's know


What are the symptoms of the coronavirus disease?

The most common symptoms are:


Corona Patient will suffer from fever.Day by day body temprature will increase and it will start within a week.


When a Corona Patient sneez he/she will start coughing too. And we should use our elbow of our hand and kerchief while coughing.

Shortness of breath

When a Corona Patient try to breath he/she can not take ldeep breath. He/she have to breath shortly.

Breathing difficulties

A Corona Patient suffer badly in breathing.Corona virus mainly harm lunge.So it become hard to breath while having Corona.


What is needed to be done if we see this symptoms in someone?

If we notice those symptoms in someone as soon as possible we have to call doctor or ambulance to admit that person into hospital. Then other essential steps will be taken by doctor. You have to put all cloths of that infected person for washing. Dont touch his/her stuffs without cleaning them with some sanitizer.


How to prevent corona virus?

As you know prevention is better than cure given steps should be followed if you want to get rid from corona virus.


Wash Your Hands

You need to wash your hands with hand wash/soap/hand-sanitizer for at least 20 sec.


Cover Your Mouth And Nose

Its important to cover your mouth and nose when you are goingoutside of the house. If you feel you're about to sneez then cover your mouth with tissue paper and as soon as possible throw it in a close bin. If you dont have tissue paper use your elbow to cover your mouth.


Stay Home

Staying at home is the best idea at this situation. More yoou stay home more you prevent corona virus.


Clean Your Cloths

After coming from out side as soon as possible wash your cloths with good detergent and the clothes should be well dried in the sun for long times.


Social Distance

Maintaining social distance means mantaining 3-6 feets distance from person to person. It will slow down the spread of corona virus.


Eat Healthy

Eating healthy food improves your body immunity system. Corona virus does a lot of damage to our immunity system. More our immunity system is strong more chnace we have to survive this. Eat vitamin C, Fennel flower.


Drink water

If you save from the corona virus you should Drink water every half an hour.